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Sometimes I close my eyes and smile
I look for you
Then I sigh

I hold my head up high for miles
But you’re gone
Then I cry

It’s a part of me
That’s sad to see

Some people say
I am weak
But I’m a lion
Though I cry

Don’t lions cry
When you poke their eye

Every night I sleep
I see your smile
It’s gold to me
A smiling child

You are the best of me
That’s what I know
My heart, it bleeds
That’s my burden

I am with you
From now
Until forever

It’s not the purpose of my life
You know what I like
No one knows
The things you learned about me

Cause I’m a scoundrel
Deep inside
A low-down dog
You chose to find

Never leave me
I hope you stay
It’s my confession
For what it’s worth

I love you
More than I fear myself

That’s my curse
It’s something I hope
I might die with

A violent shame
A wondrous game
My name
It’s yours

Something you hold on too

I love you
I need you
You said
You need me too

I feed you
You feed me
It’s something
No else can say

Please stay with me
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this


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