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AUDREY – Just a Girl

In school, she is alone… drawing an image of a shadowy man repeatedly. Audrey is an outcast and her mother Laura wants to help. Seeking her daughter’s estranged father leads to a discovery. A solution is revealed in Audrey’s step-brother Jaden. But Laura’s little girl is changing in disturbing ways and ultimately, she fears for her life. The reason… Audrey’s not just a girl.

AUDREY – Just a Girl is unleashed December 1st, 2019


She has a good job and a nice life. Born in Australia and transplanted to San Francisco… A beautiful area. But her balance is off. Work is tiresome and dull, and something’s missing at home. Determined to fix it, she wants to set things right… by gaining respect from her husband and happiness in life. But the solution is wrong. Everything, falls apart.

THE WOMAN WHO WANTED MORE is available – now.